One has to sympathize with the situation that Feryl’s father found himself in. Here he was, in his twenties, doing exciting work in genetics with a fun side career as a stage magician, and one night he makes an amazing breakthrough. And then, just as suddenly, an infant human lands in his care. (more…)


Vince told Samantha all about the meeting with Feryl’s father, leaving Samantha with more questions than answers. She needs to tread carefully, not wanting to disrupt the budding romance between Vince and Feryl, the developing friendship between Feryl and Palmtop/Pam and Feryl’s role in maintaining order at the genetics lab. Normally at this time of …

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For all her brilliance, Samantha does tend to break one rule of accepted scientific practice: she gets too close to her test subjects. (That includes the dodos, and pretty much explains their survival.) She does everything she can to achieve her research goals and have the animals survive…in some form. Included in that is one …

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