About “Screen Shots”

Hi, I’m Roger. Readers of “Safe Havens” probably recognize me as an iPhone, a calculator or a lottery ball; various mascot costumes I’ve worn. However, no one knows the real me: the man behind the mask.

…And I intend to keep it that way!

No, the purpose of this blog isn’t to focus on myself but to report on the lives of my friends who all lead lives vastly more interesting than mine. That goes double for Samantha who seems to be the epitome of a Weirdness Magnet. (*shudder* I have a particular fear of magnets, but I digress.)

I hope you enjoy Screen Shots!

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  1. I know 3 who know the man behind the mask. Samantha, Dave when you let him borrow your uniform so he could go to the Havens high dance with Samantha & Sophie when she tried on your Cell phone costume to take your place as the Havens high mascot.

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