Of course we’d all hoped for an uneventful nine-month voyage to Mars, but that went away when we discovered the dodo stowaways and then Samantha’s pregnancy. Even with those surprises, we’d finally achieved a routine after two months of flight.
Just as we were celebrating the success of Bambi’s song, we got the news that something was going on the surface of Mars. Special props go to the space program of India who in 2013 launched the Mars orbiter Mangalyaan that detected the surface anomaly. Samantha is cautioning against the assumption that life is waiting for us, but it’s now on everyone’s mind. We won’t be landing on a dead, barren rock.

And no, it doesn’t mean we’ll find life. But something has definitely piled all of Earth’s failed landing attempts into a single pile, transporting them across vast terrain. Even more puzzling, they’ve left our successful missions alone to do their work.
So what now? Aside from a change of destination, nothing. We’re still on the way, only now we can anticipate a welcome party…of some sort.

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