Ever since we launched, Bambi has been songwriting. Sure, she could have gone into space with a whole backlog of material to record, but she preferred input from an experience that no other professional musician had previously observed.
Let me state that she has other duties onboard. While she has no specific technical skills, she’s good at minor tasks that free up Samantha, Luis and me for the major stuff. For an International Superstar she has very little ego. Of course, part of that is that we’ve known her since high school and have supported her throughout her career, including the rough patches.

For her first singing effort Bambi chose to focus on Samantha’s pregnancy, which made Samantha both honored and slightly embarrassed. Bambi made a demo with the tracks created on her laptop, and played it for the crew. Everyone gathered to play it on their individual instruments, and after a few practice sessions (built in the mission schedule) we were all satisfied. From then on we recorded our tracks separately and sent the digital files to Earth. The master was put together for release.

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