Two days ago Samantha inexplicably began barfing, to everyone’s concern. It certainly wasn’t due to weightlessness-induced motion sickness, since her training on the “Vomit Comet” flights had proven her to be expert at adapting to freefall. It was Dethany back at mission control who raised the possibility of mankind’s first pregnancy in space.

That was confirmed by Dr. Maria, much to Samantha’s shock. She’s a month along, which puts the conception during the pre-launch interim at the dorm, when we had nothing to do. Sheesh, guys; you haven’t heard of gin rummy?
As a write this, the only crew members that know about it are Samantha, Dave, Dr. Maria and Nurse Don. How do I know? It’s my job to monitor the ship’s data stream, including the Sick Bay diagnostic files.

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