Once on board, Samantha and I went to the array housing the ship’s tech. (No, it didn’t look anything like HAL.) Using a port that only my mascot costume has, I was synched with the systems running the craft. Life support, electrical, plumbing, wi-fi, food processing… everything required for a successful mission was coursing through my awareness.

Of course, back on Earth we’d practiced this many times. Even so, there’s something very different when your friends are relying on you. I won’t let them down.
All indicators are currently green, except for the one displaying more biomass than normal. That will change when the test crew heads back home, leaving just those of us going to Mars.
As a refresher, here’s the crew:
Samantha and Dave
Jenny, Luis and Candide
Remora, Thomas and Marlon
Ming, Don and Clay
Maria and Leonardo
Me, Roger
(Also, Bambi has Samantha’s ring that allows her to communicate with Sam’s grandmother.)

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