Fastrack One We’re now halfway between Earth and the Moon, heading toward the L2 Lagrangian Point where the Fastrack One spaceship is parked, hidden by the lunar mass. Right now we’re just passengers; our real work will begin when we board the craft.
A few days ago we woke at dawn and gathered in the main room of our launch facility. After a pre-launch meal and a final instructional meeting, a team of technicians helped us into our suits (except for me; my mascot costume *is* my spacesuit). A bus carried us to the shuttle, and by mid-morning we were strapped in and ready.

The launch went flawlessly and we were soon experiencing weightlessness. All of the training trips on the Vomit Comet certainly paid off. Even the kids were old pros at that sensation.
As we approach the Moon we’re eager to glimpse our first sight of our ship. Away we go!

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