The magic act for the kids went off perfectly; Pam, Feryl and Vince were a big hit with the kids. Those three (a cat, a bird and a mouse) have some interesting experiences ahead of them.
Still, the major news is the upcoming launch of the Mars mission. We’re now less than two weeks away, still hiding out from the media in the dorm. Surprisingly, we’ve yet to be discovered. (The staff did arrange a private screening of “Jedi” for us.)

One last detail for Samantha was hiding her store of genetic treatments with someone she trusted. That would be Patina Welding, with the vials kept inside a refrigerator disguised as a soft drink dispenser in her dorm room. Rupert and Rosalind aren’t supposed to know.
We’ll celebrate the holidays, while the shuttle that will carry us into space is already on the launch pad being prepared. No turning back now.

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