While we (the Mars crew) hide out in the top floor of the dorm, overseen by a visiting medical staff in preparation for the launch that’s only weeks away, life goes on for other residents. For example, Feryl continues to develop her magic act, all the while coming to terms with the reality of her origins.

Finding out that she was born a dove explained a number of mysteries, including why she possessed a sense of smell far beyond that of normal humans. Since that discovery she began using it more often; indeed, consciously focusing on that skill. That mental effort fed on itself, as the constant allocations of her mind’s resources led to the forging of neutral pathways that had long been dormant.
A trip wire was switched, and suddenly a cascade of changes transformed her back into avian form. We’ll have to ask Samantha if that never would have occurred without already becoming a dove back in August, but right now there are more pressing concerns.

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