Yes, our pre-mission lodgings turned out to be the top floor of the dorm. (It’s still owned by Bambi who leases it to the University, so she was able to make the arrangements.) I have a private room, but the married couples are cohabiting along with their kids.
We’re free to come and go, as long as we don’t arouse suspicion. That’s a tall order for Bambi, so she rarely ventures out. The same goes for Dave, who is still venerated on this campus after his student athlete exploits. As for me, my mascot costume is so recognizable that I’d be spotted immediately. Bambi and I end up playing a lot of cards.

Samantha, on the other hand, is able to walk around the University grounds without attracting attention. She usually finds her way over to the Genetics Lab to check on her friends and colleagues. It’s actually good for them that she’ll be away for three years; they’ve relied on her judgment and maturity for far too long.

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