The big introductory event for the Mars Mission concluded with a long speech by the Fastrack, Inc. CEO, Rose Trellis. We were spared watching it, since we were off giving private interviews elsewhere. Not so lucky was project manager Dethany, who had to sit through the whole thing. (It’s been told that Dethany has a long history with the CEO, as her career started as a personal assistant in Trellis’s office.)

The next morning we were sent to lodgings where we’ll stay until the launch. Samantha turned the keys of the house over to Rupert and Rosalind, just ahead of the media hoards that descended upon the neighborhood. The same thing occurred at all of our former residences, including mine. Good thing Marcie is skilled at dealing with the press.
I can’t say where we are now, but it’s no secret that it’s in the Havens metro area so we can be near Mission Control. They set up a Thanksgiving dinner for us (and no, dodo wasn’t on the menu).

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