The original plan was for the entire crew to convene a few weeks from now, to be sequestered in a controlled environment prior to launch. The mishap with the solar panel moved that up, after it became impossible to keep the mission secret anymore. So, we were all summoned for a big press conference at the local hotel ballroom to be introduced to the world.

Some of us, especially Bambi, needed no introduction. Dave is well-known in sports circles, of course, and those who follow the WNBA have seen me as the mascot of the San Jose Twitters. Thomas performed with Cirque du Soliel, Ming was once nominated for an Oscar, and others in the group spent time as Bambi’s backup band. Fame, sure, but nothing like what we’re about to experience.
It was a lavish affair, considering it was all done on the fly. After a prepared film directed by Ming (meant to be released after we’d launched), we were led out onstage one by one. We answered questions from reporters for twenty minutes, and then we were taken upstairs to various rooms for one-on-one interviews.
Two crew members who didn’t participate in those were Remora and Maria. A mermaid and a time traveller wouldn’t exactly want to offer many biographical details.

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