As previously stated, my role on the Mars mission will be as the interface between the ship’s internal tech and the crew. In that capacity my mascot costume will be monitoring every facet of the ship’s functions and keep everyone appraised of the status.
In that regard I was naturally concerned when the simulator’s computer systems were hacked this week. Fortunately these are completely separate from the ones on the actual spacecraft, so the mission was unaffected. Still, it was highly annoying and caused delays in our training.

I was told not to get involved since no one wanted me to be exposed to malware. That job ended up going to Samantha and Luis, who discovered that this worm manifested itself by aping the worst of online behavior in all respects.
That knowledge, of course, should have been the tip-off that the dodos were involved. As I write this, everything has been cleaned up. The mission is back on track.

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