Of all the friends preparing to leave for Mars, most are in relationships. The exception is Bambi who, despite have tabloids linking her to dozens of other celebs, hasn’t had a significant other since high school. Of the rest, both partners are going on the voyage…except for me and Marcie.
Marcie and I have had our ups and downs (with the downs being my fault), but the Mars mission forced us to make a decision. About three years ago Marcie decided she couldn’t go, but acknowledged that I had to.

At first that simply meant me adding astronaut training to my mascot duties, which was simple especially during the WNBA off season. Then that became more rigorous.
When the season ended recently, I resigned my position. Marcie, after leading the San Jose Twitters to six consecutive championships, retired in order to become the team’s head coach. (I do know that she secretly wanted to play in the NBA, but that never materialized.)
We still have a few weeks together, but in December we say goodbye for three years.

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