By necessity Samantha’s sabbatical had to begin with the Fall semester so that she could devote her time fully to the preparations for the Mars mission. She’s meeting her goals as the launch date approaches, but she’s also still living close by the genetics lab. That proximity makes it hard for her to completely let go.

That’s not a bad thing since Rupert and Rosalind continually demonstrate that they have a difficult time resisting the urge to transform themselves. Right now Samantha is still being a voice of caution and restraint, but that voice won’t carry the 140 million miles from Mars to Earth.
I’ve mentioned before that lab assistants Feryl and Vince can keep them focused on the tasks at hand, but they can only do so much in their positions. At some point Rupert and Rosalind will have to find a motivation that supersedes their longing to become other things. The well-being of their son comes to mind.

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