Mankind’s first expedition to another planet will include four children under age eight as part of its crew. This raises the stakes as far as safety is concerned, since everyone wants to see them return home.
It also creates added challenges, since they’ll still require schooling during the journey. For this duty they’d have veteran teacher Sue Havens who has over three decades of experience. In fact, Samantha, Jenny, Dave and I met as four-year-olds in the day care center that she runs.

She’s in her sixties now, and still keeps up with the latest technology. She’s arranged a system with Fastrack, Inc. (the company sponsoring the mission) to connect with the ship to and from Mars. Several times a week she’ll present video lessons to the kids, ending with assignments for each that are tailored to their individual needs.
Those “individual needs” become complicated when one of the students is the young Leonardo da Vinci.

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