After Vince was transformed from a mouse into a human, Samantha used her access into the university computer system to give him a private room in the dorm. With her leaving for Mars, that will no longer be the case. She did, however, give him a roommate she’s known for years: Patina’s brother Rusty Welding.

Many years ago, Samantha was the babysitter of the Welding family. Samantha’s father Donald worked at Fastrack, Inc. and had a secretary named Wendy Welding. When Wendy needed a sitter for her two children, she asked Donald if her daughter was free. Samantha discovered that her charges were juniors hackers, and she had her hands full reining them in. Eventually they turned to the light and became reliable warriors in the battle for computer security.
Patina went to Havens after graduation, and now her brother has followed. So far he doesn’t know that the cat and mouse his sister brought home during summers are now (usually) humans, as a resident advisor and as his roommate, respectively.
He’s been dating someone named Cookie Spore, but she’s still in high school. We’ll see what happens with that.

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