One has to sympathize with the situation that Feryl’s father found himself in. Here he was, in his twenties, doing exciting work in genetics with a fun side career as a stage magician, and one night he makes an amazing breakthrough.
And then, just as suddenly, an infant human lands in his care.

He could have given her to the child service authorities, or left her at a church or hospital. Instead, he took on the responsibility of parenthood. He had contacts in government who (for a price) filled out an actual birth certificate. A pediatrician accepted the story that her mother had abandoned then.
Mr. Farnsworth felt bad about that lie, since her actual mother so clearly still loved her, despite the change.
He graduated with his Masters Degree when Feryl was three, and then he turned his back on academia forever. He and Feryl hit the road, touring on the comedy club/magic circuit. That brought us up to her arrival at Havens.
So, now what?

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