Transformed into a dove, Feryl flew as if it came naturally to her. …Which of course it did.
She caught up the evil magician and forced him off the road, crashing into a statue of Dave. He was taken into police custody where he was diagnosed with a mild concussion. Palmtop, after initially scaring Samantha, was completely unhurt thanks to being inside the hated pet carrier.

Everyone gave statements to the police, and it was after midnight when Samantha, Palmtop and Vince joined Feryl and her father at their house. Samantha changed Feryl back into her human form, and then there was a lot to discuss.
Mr. Farnsworth, like Samantha, had unlocked the genetic code and then became intimidated by its vast power, judging humanity unready for it. He spent years waiting for someone else to make the same breakthrough, and finally that came to pass with Samantha. He sent Feryl to Havens U. in order to see how far her research had gone.
The answers continue next week!

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