Feryl was excited about her first solo magic performance in front of paying customers. Of course, all the time she’d been growing up she been her father’s stage assistant, but never before tonight had she been the only one onstage. (Unless, of course, you count Palmtop, and you should)
The show went great, and Feryl’s father was beaming with pride. Afterwards, however, they encountered a former rival of his who had a long history of stealing ideas and secrets from other magicians. Now, he’s apparently made the move from violating the profession’s ethical standards to actual criminal theft. Using a trick box with a false bottom, he switched pet carriers and stole Palmtop.

He was gone by the time Feryl realized what happened. She saw only one way of rescuing her new partner…and Samantha obliged.
Minutes later, feathered Feryl took flight.

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