Vince told Samantha all about the meeting with Feryl’s father, leaving Samantha with more questions than answers. She needs to tread carefully, not wanting to disrupt the budding romance between Vince and Feryl, the developing friendship between Feryl and Palmtop/Pam and Feryl’s role in maintaining order at the genetics lab.
Normally at this time of year Samantha would be gearing up for the start of the semester. However, she’s on sabbatical so she’s focused on the condition of the ship that will take the crew to Mars. So far it’s passed its structural tests, and no unforeseen problems have arisen. The only complication that’s developed among the crew was the issue with Remora’s parents that was resolved. (They’re fine now.)

This is all important. The list of things that could have permanently scrubbed the mission is immense, and any one of them could have delayed the voyage until the next time the planets aligned which would have meant years.
But, so far, so good…

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