Vince and Feryl’s relationship is progressing rapidly. They’ve become inseparable, although that statement comes with a caveat: Palmtop is always with them, in cat form. “Pam” has pretty much spent the entire summer as a feline, keeping an eye on them.
One of the few times they were apart from their four-legged shadow was when they drove to Feryl’s home so Vince could meet her father. Mr. Farnsworth turned out to have an interesting backstory.

Feryl had told us that he was a former professional stage magician, but she left out that he had also been a genetics researcher.
…Like Samantha.
In fact, after he made a few perfunctory inquiries about Vince’s history, he shifted the conversation to what Samantha was doing at the Havens genetics lab. Feryl was no pushover, fortunately, and she gently deflected the questions. Vince followed her lead.
When the afternoon was over, Vince went directly to Samantha to give her a full report.

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