There’s a good reason the Mars spacecraft is being tested before the actual journey. It’s better that we discover the unexpected now, when it’s parked behind the moon, rather than when it’s halfway to Mars.
Remora’s parents have been living in the water tanks growing the seaweed that will provide food for the crew. After several months, something about the conditions of space and the effect on merfolk physiology began causing their scales to fall off. Untreated, that could prove fatal.

Fortunately, they themselves grow a special kelp at the bottom of the ocean that cures that condition, and Remora and Samantha were sent to retrieve a supply. They needed enough not only for her parents, but also for Remora to take during the three-year mission.
Samantha’s become quite used to living as a mermaid, and if not for Dave I’d almost expect her to take up permanent residence under the sea someday. Just speculation.

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