The squid, who is thus far nameless, has never been a happy camper. His favorite method of expressing himself is usually squirting ink in the faces of the unwary. Once everyone got wise to that behavior he seemed to settle down, even at one point working for the dodos. (That relationship was fraught.)

Last summer Samantha turned him into willow tree, and while he loathed being rooted it did show him who was boss. He’s been more cooperative since then.
So this year, when Samantha let him choose between being a tree and being Pam for one evening, he choose the later. That episode went off successfully, and Samantha kept her promise to allow him to remain a cephalopod. She set up a tank in the house (separate from Remora’s).
He does have a name, of course, but it’s in the squid language and he refuses to divulge it to anybody. He also resists being assigned a name in our speech.
His species apparently sees that as important.

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