With everything else going on, Feryl and Palmtop have been quietly working on a magic act. Every weekday since class ended at Havens U., Feryl comes by Patina’s house and picks up the pet carrier containing Palmtop. Then they get to work at Feryl’s home.
As noted before, Feryl’s father was once a stage magician, and she basically grew up on the entertainment circuit. She knows a lot about stagecraft, and of building a performance toward a payoff. (As a professional mascot I employ many of the same devices in keeping the attention of the audience.)

Vince shows up after his shift is over at the day care center, but mostly it’s just Feryl and the cat. Yesterday, Feryl announced that they’re ready to perform…although only for family and friends for now. It’s the perfect way to iron out the kinks before getting in front of a paying crowd.
One problem: Feryl wants Pam to be there. To watch Palmtop. Let’s see how Samantha gets out of this one.

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