The house that was once the Argus residence and later bought by Jenny and Luis, will soon have new occupants. After we all leave for Mars, Rupert and Rosalind will move in with their son Gregor. Gregor has been staying there regularly, so it’ll be familiar terrain for him.
Rupert and Rosalind have been leasing a small house since their marriage, but this will be much larger and also with a lower monthly rent. As Gregor became a toddler, that other place has gotten very small.

The reason it’ll cost less is because they’ll also be the house’s caretakers for the three years that we’ll be gone. This is a big consideration for Jenny and Luis, who want to protect their investment.
It’s five bedrooms, which is probably more space than Rupert and Rosalind need right now, but Gregor is growing fast. He’s very energetic, which may or may not be due to the sugar he’s constantly getting from his photosynthesis. (Samantha says that’s not the case.)

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