No matter what form she takes, Pam/Palmtop takes a jaundiced view of the world. One aspect of this is a continued sense of personal denial, whether it involves her affections for Vince or her own desires for acceptance.
The later has manifested itself as an attraction for the applause that comes with show business. (The dodos have a similar goal, but that’s fueled by the sins of Greed and Pride.) Pam’s springs from an emotionally genuine need.

This has led to her decision to stay in cat form all summer and pretend to be “trained” by her romantic rival Feryl Farnsworth. Apart from the indignity of being transported via pet carrier, she also has to witness Vince and Feryl’s burgeoning relationship up close…while staying in character.
Amazingly, it’s working. Feryl shows real skill as a performer, and Pam is displaying the perfect amount of snark to sell the series of tricks. So far only Vince has seen it, and he’s hardly unbiased, but he’s reported that something special is being concocted.

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