The semester’s over, the genetics lab is closed for the summer and Samantha can now fully concentrate on the January launch of the Mars mission.
She wishes.
She’d assumed that Vince and Pam, like last year, would spend the summer months as humans working for Sue Havens at the day care center. While Vince will indeed be doing just that, Pam had other plans.

She’ll be in feline from for the next three months, living with Patina’s family as a common housepet to those unaware. That would include Feryl, who is building a magic act around the world’s only trainable cat.
Samantha has deep suspicions about Pam’s motives. Nevertheless, she agreed to change Pam into Palmtop with the understanding that it would be the summer’s only transformation. That satisfied Pam’s mother who is mainly concerned that someone would accidentally observe the change. As long as her daughter sticks to one form, she’s cool.
As for why, Vince has a theory. Pam still has a suspended license due to last year’s collision with Bambi’s bus, and she doesn’t want the indignity of being dependent on him for rides.

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