Science fiction movies never show you the nuts and bolts involved in a space voyage. For example, leaving Earth doesn’t mean we’re exempt from paying taxes. We’re all officially employees of Fastrack, Inc. and we’ve had to arrange for our money to be deposited into our bank accounts while we’re gone, and have our W-2s sent to an accounting firm that will file for us.

At least we can use the EZ form, since we won’t be spending money that would qualify for deductions.
Car payments, utilities, and life insurance premiums are all set on automatic withdrawals from those accounts. (One unavoidable result of our three-mission is that all of our tech will be obsolete when we return.)
We’ll all be renting our houses to individuals who’ll be responsible for maintenance. We were given a choice between putting our vehicles in long-term storage, or simply selling them. Most of us will go the later route in January.
Jenny is frustrated with the time delay from Mars which get in the way of her playing the stock market. She’ll have to settle for boring ol’ index funds like the rest of us.

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