As she prepares for Mars, Samantha is also keeping a close watch on those remaining behind; particularly Pam, Vince and Feryl. She needs Pam to continue as dorm resident advisor, and for Vince and Feryl to keep the genetics lab from spinning out of control.
The problem is that these crucial individuals form a romantic triangle, no matter how much Pam denies it. The twist is that when Pam is in her cat form, she actually seems to like her rival. For her part, Feryl has absolutely no idea that Pam and Palmtop are the same, and she takes Pam’s insistence that she has zero feelings for Vince at face value.

Vince, meanwhile, is all too aware of the conflicting currents and is doing his best to navigate them. New to humanity, he probably thinks this is normal for our species.

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