It seems as if life at the lab has entered a state of equilibrium; at the least as close as one can get when the dodos are involved. While the department chair Prof. Allele is nominally in change, it’s actually Samantha who maintains an order that’s prevailed for years, and shows every sign of continuing to do so in the future. Appearances can be deceiving, however.

At issue is Samantha’s upcoming trip to Mars. While that doesn’t launch until January, her sabbatical takes effect with the Fall semester. And with the lab shutting down for the summer that means that she only has a little over a month to go until she departs until 2021. One would say that’s the elephant in the room, if not for the fact that the lab used to have an actual elephant running around. (She’s now a human, working as a concert roadie.)
That’s why beneath the underlaying calm there’s outright worry. Rupert and Rosalind may be brilliant researchers, but they haven’t demonstrated suitable management skills. It seems as if Samantha is hoping that the “lowly” lab assistants Vince and Feryl will be the ones carrying that responsibility.

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