It’s been over fifteen years since Samantha’s grandmother passed away, and during that time she’s been on her best behavior in the afterlife. This week she got her reward: a promotion to the rank of Angel (Second class).
Contrary to popular culture, that designation does come with wings of the recipient’s choosing, plus a halo. The latter is limited to a specific wattage after some individuals went overboard on the brightness. So much for Pride being a disqualifying sin.

The whole purpose of the promotion is for her to be the Official Guardian Angel of the Mars mission. Bambi will continue to wear the ring, but Samantha’s grandmother will be charged with helping everyone on board.
Bambi, meanwhile, came to the Havens University campus as part of her mission training, since Mission Control is hidden in one of the buildings. So far the paparazzi following her haven’t figured out the reason for her movements; they just think she’s taking trips down memory lane to her college days.

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