Brenda Scrim (formerly Laptop the Border collie) has had a career that becomes more interesting by the day. She’s been Jeanine’s campaign manager and chief of staff, and in that capacity became close to the previous Governor (and Jeanine’s mentor). She and the Governor married, so for a time before Jeanine’s election Brenda was the state’s First Lady. She’s highly qualified to assume that top role herself, and plans to run in 2020.

That depends on no one discovering her unique background. Samantha has done well in creating a past for her, but that would be endangered if her daughter got careless about her own transformations. Brenda put down a hard and fast rule: no more changing into a cat.
Samantha is caught in the middle, and appreciates the desires of both sides. When Pam kept disobeying her mother, Samantha told Brenda what was going on, and got the two of them to sit down and clear the air.
It worked; they compromised. Pam can spend time in her feline form, as long as the transformations take place in the confined environment of the lab where she won’t be seen. Even better, Samantha will be in control. As usual.

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