As previously remarked, Feryl’s reaction to meeting Vince’s parents wasn’t typical of most humans. She didn’t freak out because, as she later said, the signs were all there.
Instead, her immediate reaction was to ask questions. She first began figuring out Vince’s age, since as a human he appears to be about twenty or so. Most of that maturation would have taken place during the time he spent as a mouse owing to their brief lifespan; about a year, tops.

He claims he’s so knowledgeable due to growing up in the university library, reading all he could. Even if he was reading Cliff’s Notes version, that couldn’t have been many…not to mention the time it took to learn to read in the first place.
Finally, as Feryl pointed out, mice don’t read. A while back Vince talked about his failed efforts to start a reading club among his species, so we know he’s unique.
Samantha assures us that he didn’t come from her lab, and her meticulousness makes that a reliable claim. However, where did this mouse come from?
NIMH? Naw…

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