It all started when Vince decided to transform himself back into a mouse to more easily clean Samantha’s test tubes. While a clever application, he didn’t count on Feryl entering the lab to do her assignments for Rupert and Rosalind. She spotted him immediately and recognized him by his scent.
Now, not many humans have such a finely-honed ability, but the upshot is that she wasn’t wrong. (Remember, she’d encountered him as a mouse during the Christmas incident at the same time she became a cat, and then a reindeer.)

Vince didn’t want to keep secrets from her, so the next day he took a major step: he revealed his origins and introduced Feryl to his parents. (They’ve survived on campus for many years; maybe all felines in the vicinity are as inept at hunting as Palmtop.) Feryl still couldn’t understand their speech, though; she’s not blessed with that ability.
Still, she took it in stride. The Christmas incident probably allowed her to become accustomed to the surprises regularly occurring at the Havens U. genetics lab.

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