Samantha is always thinking twenty steps ahead of everyone else. Case in point is the new lab assistant for Rupert and Rosalind, Feryl. She’s a freshman who just happened to move into Samantha’s old dorm, and came to Samantha’s attention due to her relentless pursuit of Vince.
Samantha and the rest of us will be gone to Mars for three years, so Samantha had to staff the lab with those she trusted to keep the place running in her absence. The department chair Prof. Allele is useless, and while Rupert and Rosalind are brilliant researchers they have zero management skills. Vince has proven himself trustworthy, but he needed help. Enter Feryl.

Even with rudimentary scientific knowledge, Feryl proved that she could handle the contrasting demands of an advanced research facility and a zoo. The animals are kept in line without resorting to physical coercion; instead, she used her background as a magician’s assistant to basically confuse and disorient them.
Works on humans, too.

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