Samantha has always been bothered by the state of affairs between Remora and her family; she can’t help feeling responsible for the events leading to Remora becoming an outcast when she fell in love with Thomas. That all happened after Remora came to live with Samantha, although to be fair, Remora was intentionally sent by the merfolk to study human culture.

Samantha also needed merfolk other than Remora to test the spaceship’s aquatic habitat. True to form, she took matters into her own hands with an elegant solution to both problems. A year ago she sent her blue whale to deliver a message to Remora’s parents.
It explained how Remora was about to represent all of merfolk-kind on a perilous mission, and they might never see her again. Suddenly faced with that prospect, they were shaken from the delusions inherent in a species with a thousand-year life span.
They agreed to be launched into space. This effort widened the numbers of humans aware of the actual existence of merfolk, but that’s just another secret the Mars mission staff is contractually obligated to keep. Those directly dealing with Remora’s parents quickly encountered the “Saved Three Times” effect but Samantha was right there with a restorative genetic formula.


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