Saturday was the Dorm Talent Show, an event cooked up by Patina. Year by year she’s proving to be an able replacement for Samantha as resident advisor. (Pam…well, if you like drama…)
Speaking of which, the talent show delivered that by the truckload. Pam’s agenda was to create a situation where Pam was *expected* to transform into a cat, and then actually do so in a way that everyone, including the magician, thought was all a trick. She would therefore satisfy her mother’s demand that she not arouse suspicion.

Most of the talent on display demonstrated more enthusiasm than actual skill, until Feryl took the stage. She obliviously learned a lot from her father who was a professional entertainer. The act was tight and went off flawlessly.
The big finish was the transformation. Pam was supposed to exit from the paper bag from a flap in the back, and put “Palmtop” in her place. Instead, she simply consumed the genetic treatment and transformed into a cat. Her clothes were left behind the front desk.
Disaster loomed when Feryl tried to bring out Pam to take a bow. Fortunately, Vince acted fast. He took the genetic treatment always at hand to restore Pam to human form and put on her discarded clothing just in time.
Feryl was the unanimous winner of the show. However, Vince was stuck as Pam until the next morning.

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