Feryl turns out to have an interesting background: she was raised by her father who was a traveling stage magician. During summers she would accompany him from town to town, acting as his assistant and learning the craft. In addition to various tricks and gags, she also studied stagecraft and general theatrical skills.

She admits that she came on strong to Vince at first; explaining that it’s second nature for her to play to an audience all the way to the back row. She’s dialed that back now that she and Vince are a couple.
So where does that leave Pam? She obviously has intense feelings for Vince, but is steadfast in denying that to herself. Unremarked here is her status as widow; as a cat she was the mate of Frisky, and bore him a litter of seven striped canines. Frisky passed away eight years ago, and “Palmtop” has not mentioned him since. One thinks she never got over the loss, and doesn’t want to expose herself to that grief again.

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