Samantha is looking ahead to being away from the lab for three years, and one of those tasks is ensuring that there’ll still be a lab when she gets back. That requires people in charge that she trusts to maintain order.
Unfortunately, Rupert and Rosalind, for all their brilliance, don’t meet that criteria. They’ve shown to exercise poor judgment in the past, and now they have a full plate of responsibilities at home. Worse, Department Chair Prof. Allele is totally useless.

Vince, however, has won Samantha’s trust despite being a mouse in human form. Even so, more hands were required so Samantha hired Feryl.
This checks several boxes. Feryl already knew about the research going on at lab, so it wouldn’t expand the circle of those aware of her powers. She could keep tabs on the budding romance between Feryl and Vince. Even better, it would force Pam to confront her own feelings toward Vince.
More importantly, Feryl has shown she’s actually really good at this job.

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