I traveled back to Havens in order to receive an update to the operating system of my mascot costume. It’s yet another part of the process of synching me with the tech running the Mars mission. I could’ve stayed out west to receive the data, but the folks in charge of the mission are highly security-conscious. I would have to download the update directly from Samantha’s laptop at her home.

That’s fine; I enjoy seeing everyone. (It’s amazing how fast the kids grow between my visits.) The update took an hour and a half (It was massive.) and afterwards we went over to the Havens campus where Mars mission control is secretly hidden in a nondescript building. I was shown around, and the tour included a life-size mockup of the ship’s living quarters. My module was simple and functional. Like me.
Back at the house I had dinner with the whole gang, just like old times back in college. By nightfall, however, Dave and Samantha drove me to the airport to take the redeye back to SFO where Marcie would be waiting to pick me up.

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