After Pam (as the cat Palmtop) was discovered by Vince and Feryl, she made the most of it by acting affectionate. Vince knew immediately what she was up to, but he had to play along. Pam then began investigating Feryl’s purse.
Meanwhile, Samantha was in the lab when she got a call from Feryl’s phone. (Samantha’s been on Feryl’s contact list since her initial transformation.) During the date Feryl had gotten a call, and then put it back in her purse without turning it off. Pam’s tail brushed against the screen and accidentally activated FaceTime.

Samantha was greeted by the sight of Palmtop’s butt and immediately deduced the situation. She used the Find My Phone app to get Feryl’s location and hurried to the coffee shop…just in time. She arrived to retrieve Palmtop, who had found nothing incriminating in the purse.
For now, Pam’s secret is safe. However, Feryl appears to be a cat lover and seems to have taken a liking to “Palmtop.” Even more fascinating, Pam enjoyed the attention. After all, she’s a cat and feels it’s her birthright.

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