Pam has been vociferously insisting that she had zero feelings for the former mouse Vince, probably in effort to convince herself more than anyone else. That’s a hazardous strategy in the Game of Love, and Pam ended up with a losing hand.
Feryl gave Pam every opportunity to step up and declare her feelings, but when Pam refused to do so Vince and Feryl left to see “Rogue One.” That was the start of the their relationship.

It appears to be genuine. While Feryl came on strong initially, she really does have affections for Vince. Perhaps his inherent mousiness came across as endearingly vulnerable to her. At any rate, Feryl’s intensity was more appealing to Vince than Pam’s hot-and-cold unpredictability.
Not willing to leave bad enough alone, Pam compounded her disastrous run of decisions by changing back into a cat to spy on them. She was found out, which shows how lousy she is at stalking prey. If she can’t even hide from humans…

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