With the launch now a year away, the support staff of the Mars mission has been working feverishly to meet the deadline. The pressure’s been intense, as they’ve been launching construction crews into space at a rate previously unseen in manned exploration. They’ve successfully completed the now-operational ship, and they deserved a break.

For New Year’s Eve, Bambi performed a special concert just for them. Of course, it’s a welcome gesture on her part for the people to whom she’s entrusting her life, and they were grateful. Jenny, however, knew the real story: after a decade of stardom Bambi’s career was winding down.
It happens to everyone. Popular taste is a moving target and never stays in one place too long. Fortunately she’s invested her money wisely (mainly on the counsel of Samantha’s grandmother, who has become her constant companion).
In this light, the Mars mission becomes a face-saving way for Bambi to adjust to the next stage of her career, without the indignity of recording a closing-credit song for a Smurf movie.

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