In one year’s time we’ll be heading off to mankind’s greatest adventure. As the interface between the crew and the shipboard computers, I have a hugely important job in maintaining the integrity of the mission. Virtually every day I receive new updates to my OS from mission control.
For the sake of online security I’ve also disconnected myself from all other data sources. While I have an innocuous cover as an ordinary sports mascot, one never knows who made be out there. The mission sponsoring company Fastrack, Imc. is mainly concerned about Elon Musk getting our secrets, but there are more nefarious entities out there to be suspicious about.

As it currently stands, the mission’s system was designed by Samantha to be completely closed from the ground up. All staffers including the crew have been given cell phones that connect only within the network, and to no other outlet. (Obviously, everyone also carries a separate phone for all other uses.)

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