Vince was faced with a conundrum. Pam and Feryl had been taken away by Animal Control, and he was trapped in his mouse form. As they were being locked up he called after to them, promising that he’d get them out.
He scampered back to the lab. He could’ve become human, but that wouldn’t have helped in a rescue. Instead, he searched the lab for genetic treatments that happened to be stored in containers that could fit through a chain link fence. He found two, and put them in a Christmas stocking intended for the lab’s holiday party.

Carrying the stocking in his mouth he was able to negotiate his way into Animal Control via the drainage system. Pam and Feryl were then transformed into reindeer and kicked their way to freedom.
The final step for them was hiding until Vince returned to the lab, became human, put his clothes back on and met them with their apparel. After an hour the DNA wore off, restoring them to bipedalism.
Of course, now Samantha has yet another person who knows about her genetics research.

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