Samantha’s had a number of lab assistants, but Vince has really proven his value to her. He’s focused, dependable, completely reliable. …And he’s a mouse.
A former mouse, that is. After the incident earlier this year when he lost his tail in a dumpster (and worse, had to rely on Pam to save him), he seems to have lost his taste for the life of a small scurrying rodent. He’s embraced his human existence and seems to be thriving in it.

Samantha now trusts him to perform important tasks at the genetics lab, including closing it down in the evenings. That involves making sure all the cages are locked, all the equipment is put away, and that the dodos haven’t done anything profoundly stupid.
Tonight he found an intruder: a fellow resident from his dorm named Feryl. He’d caught her attention the day the semester started and she’s been pursuing him single-mindedly ever since. This raised Pam’s ire, but since Pam can’t admit her own feelings toward Vince even to herself, she can’t fight for him. As for Vince, he’s just confused by human mating rituals.
…More than most guys, that is.

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