Space is an inhospitable environment, especially when taking kids along.
There will be four children on the Mars mission: Leonardo, Marlon, Candide and Clay. Marlon is the oldest; at the time of the January 2018 launch he’ll be about to turn eight. Meanwhile, Candide and Clay will have just turned six. With all of his time traveling it’s hard to guess Leonardo’s age, but he appears to be somewhere between those ages. (Of course, from another perspective you could also say he’s 565.)

It’s important for all of them to avoid weightlessness in their formative years, so during the voyage they’ll be restricted to the rotating ring of modules that will be in constant motion to create earth-like gravity. Needless to say, they’ll also be shielded from cosmic radiation within those structures.
Even with those precautions the kids will still have some time on the Martian surface. Why go all the way and not get to look around?

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