We’re under fourteen months away from the launch date. Most of us who previously had jobs are now full time employees of Fastrack, Inc., the company funding the mission. The exceptions:
Samantha, still at the Havens U. Genetics Lab
Bambi, still on her final concert tour before the launch
Me, who will have one more season as mascot for the WNBA’s San Jose Twitters

Jenny still manages Bambi, but that this point that job is mainly focused on the logistics of a pop star performing in space. Likewise, Ming’s creative energies are also consumed with documenting the mission.
Ming’s husband Don now has his nursing degree, and time traveller Maria will spend future decades becoming an all-purpose medical practioner/surgeon/dentist/etc. Then her future self will return to 2018 to join the crew.
Everyone else receives daily instructions from the Project Director, with tasks preparing them for the mission. In a way our countdown has already begun.

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