The feelings were decidedly bittersweet. Governor Argus won reelection in her final campaign, but elsewhere her party experienced shocking disappointment that’s still being processed.
Even the outcome of the Governor’s race ended up being anticlimactic, since it came to a conclusion not with a bang but the whimper of Claude Carp’s disappearance. After he ran off into the ocean there was speculation that he’d drowned, but of course we knew that couldn’t happen to someone who is actually merfolk. Then, the next day there were cryptic messages sent from his cell phone that proved he was still alive. The human authorities are looking for him, and his assets have been impounded. There’s an international search for him underway on both land and sea. (Too bad that the humans are unable to coordinate with their aquatic law enforcement colleagues, since they don’t know they exist.)

This led to the matter of who will succeed Gov. Argus in four years, and she suggested her Chief of Staff, Brenda Scrim. Brenda is married to the former Governor, and is well known as the state’s former First Lady. Fortunately, no one remembers she began life as Laptop, the Border collie.

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